COLUMBUS McKINNON is a branch of the COLUMBUS McKINNON Group based in the USA – a world leader in the technology of crane devices. The COLUMBUS McKINNON Group conducts development and production works in many countries worldwide, including in Germany and Poland.




Our Company was established to provide professional and comprehensive support in operations handled by Polish entrepreneurs. We provide services at the highest European level, and our products set standards in the field of crane devices. The mission of COLUMBUS McKINNON is to deliver proven and solid solutions that reliably improve quality, comfort and work safety in our customers companies. We are continuously improving our qualifications and in doing so, we have the advantage of knowledge and skills acquired in our previous activities.

COLUMBUS McKINNON also offers both customized and standard products. Our solutions are applied in industry, construction, logistic and production processes.

Our history and position

We have been manufacturing lifting jacks and scissor lift tables for over 20 years. They have also been manufactured in Poland for over four years. Thanks to our wide market experience in one of the most demanding world markets, we have rapidly achieved the position of undisputed leader in our country. Our lifts and lift tables are exported to most European countries, although, first and foremost, to the Swiss and German markets..

Polish customers appreciate both the comprehensiveness of our services, individual approach to each project and the highest level of professionalism in our work.

We look forward to doing business with you.

More than 140 years of tradition and continuation in the design and production of crane devices