Protective barriers

Protective barriers must be installed at a single side or multiple sides, if the operator is to travel together with the lift. COLUMBUS McKINNON offers both permanently fixed and removable barriers

The standard barrier is 1100 mm high and is fitted with prescribed stops at knee and feet heights. Usually, versions of lift tables are equipped with another control system, which is fixed to the barrier.

Protective aprons

Protective aprons can be installed at any side of a lift and in principle, have two purposes:
1.) to protect the movable area under the platform from possible unauthorised access
2.) to protect the area under the platform from dirt, e.g. by waste or leaves being blown in.

Protective aprons are used whenever required, i.e. where the operator has limited vision, e.g. when the operator is standing on and controlling from the platform. When using protective aprons, the platform must often be enlarged..

Levellers (loading flaps)

Levellers (loading flaps) are used to connect the vehicle loading space with the lift, in order to unload or load the vehicle. After the levellers have been placed on the vehicle’s back, it is convenient to move the load, e.g. by means of a pallet truck.

Manually operated sectional flaps with spacing of 400 mm are most widely used loading flaps (levellers). Loading flaps can be used at each side of jack with lifting capacity ranging from 2 t to 6 t.

Portal gates

Portal gates are effective safeguards to prevent a person working at an upper level from falling, e.g. on a ramp. The portal gates are most commonly used from the side, which is adjacent to the ramp. The barrier on the lift drops along with the lift and stops at a height of about 1100 mm, thus reducing the risk of a person falling off the ramp.

The horizontal crosspiece of the portal gate can be marked with oblique black and yellow strips. Such marking is used as a warning sign and improves safety.

Control systems

COLUMBUS McKINNON table lifts can be equipped with various control systems depending on the user’s needs and the configuration of the table lift itself. We also install advanced control systems based on control switches or adapted to process lines.

The standard control device is a solid and impact resistant control cassette with Up, Down and Failure buttons and a 1.8 m long spiral cable. The control device is often installed as a wall mounted box or control panel on the jack (located on barriers).

Anti-roll devices

Anti-roll devices are used to protect the load, e.g. containers or trucks, from rolling off the platform when it is lifted. The blocks are not bump rails for e.g. pallet trucks or forklift trucks. When folded down, the blocking device can be hidden under the platform.

The anti-roll devices operate on the counterbalance principle. The loading plates pull out a plate upwards by using gravity forces and when lowering, the plate is hidden under the platform by a hinge system.

45°-90° tilting attachment

45° or up to 90° tilting attachment Tilting attachments are most commonly used in work places when picking and packing small components . The operator can tilt the attachment to conveniently and ergonomically lay small components.

The two most commonly used design options of tilting attachments include tilting up to 45° or 90° as a maximum along the short or long side, while taking the load gravity centre into account.

Stands and pedestals

Stands are often used if the lift table is to be used at various work places. There is a space for e.g. a pallet truck between the foundation and supporting frame of the platform, in order to move the lift table to another place.

Stands are usually used in basements or temporary construction levels where there is no possibility of constructing foundations. There is a room for e.g. the fork of the forklift truck between stand feet, i.e. it is possible to move to the lift table and put the load on it.

Roller conveyors

Lifts with roller or ball conveyors are used in many industries in process lines.

Jacks fitted with a roller conveyor are suitably reinforced and capable of carrying over increased side forces, acting on the platform plane. Manually and electrically operated roller conveyors with fully integrated control system are available at our Customers’ wishes.

Round rotary disk

A round rotary disk is most commonly put onto the lift platform and enables the operator to easily rotate the load on the lift.

Rectangular rotary plate

Rectangular rotary plate is a bearing mounted and screwed onto the platform plating. A position sensor monitors the plate’s position and interlocks to prevent the possibility of the platform lowering if the plate is turned 90°.

The plate position monitoring system is necessary for work safety reasons. Lowering the platform with the plate reversed by 90° can result in the danger of its crushing or shearing off. The keynote of Columbus Mckinnon platforms is “Safety at first!”.

Position sensors and automation

Position sensors and automation subassemblies enable processes, e.g. lifting or lowering, to be automated. It is also necessary to use the lift position monitoring functions in advanced control systems, e.g. in multi-level control systems.

Columbus Mckinnon uses SPS controllers that, in most cases, are based on SIEMENS S7000, SIEMENS LOGO or Finder controllers, and others as indicated by the Customer.

Mobile undercarriage

A lift table equipped with a mobile undercarriage becomes mobile. The undercarriage consists of two turning rolls and two fixed rolls.

Columbus Mckinnon uses premium rollers on high-quality bearings that guarantee turning and driving comfort.

Railings and safety gates

As part of comprehensive service to our customers we design, manufacture and install railings outside for two-or more handles.

We design, manufacture and install railings and safety gates.

Other accessories

  • Anti-rollover devices
  • Round or rectangular rotary disks
  • Mobile versions of lifts
  • (Infrared) position switches
  • Control systems based on controllers or integrated with the user’s control system
  • Travel tracks and many other customized options