Low-profile lift tables

Low-profile lift tables are an excellent choice, if the streamlining of work and lifting loads to working height is required. The desired lifting height is set by the user according to his/her preferences, which guarantees ergonomic work. When folded down, the low-profile lift tables are as low as 80 mm in height. This enables them to be floor mounted without the need to construct a costly foundation. Popular >U< or >E< versions of the low-profile lift tables are ideal for handling pallets with the use of an ordinary manual pallet truck. The version of the lift table with a filled-in platform is always used where the driving or lifting of handling equipment is required. You will find a full range of the various versions of low-profile lift tables and many options of accessories for them in our offer.

Main features:
  • Lifting capacity: from >250 kg< to >1.500 kg<
  • Lifting height: up to >780 mm<
  • Platform dimensions:up to >1.700 x 1.000 mm<