Tandem lift tables

The tandem lift tables are fitted with two or more pairs of scissors situated in a row, which allows the platform length or higher lifting capacity to be obtained as necessary. The operation of individual scissor pairs is synchronised mechanically for a parallel lifting process. COLUMBUS McKINNON tandem lift tables are a recommended and a cost-effective solution for oversized loads or higher lifting capacities. As all COLUMBUS McKINNON lift tables , tandem versions can also be equipped with a number of options, such as, levellers (loading flaps) , barriers, protective aprons, individual control systems, etc. We manufacture special versions of tandem lift tables that meet the needs and requirements of our Customers in every respect.

Main features:
  • Lifting capacity: from >1.000 kg< to >12.000 kg<
  • Lifting height: up to >1.800 mm<
  • Platform dimensions: up to >6.800 x 2.500 mm<